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Hypnosis is a state of mind. Hypnotism is the practice of understanding and using your deep inner mind, your subconscious mind, to help resolve normal problems of living. The hypnotist guides you into a state of hypnosis and teaches you easy techniques so you can get used to being more focused when you want. This mindfulness-based approach is an ongoing collaborative practice, in which the hypnotist and you may keep in touch between sessions. 

You may like to have better concentration for school or work. You may like to know what the root cause(s) is to a particular challenge. You may like to be a better ahtlete. By harnessing the strenths of your unconscious mind, you can gain more control over your thoughts and behaviours and achieve your goals more easily. Complementary Medical Hypnotism for pain management improves sleep patterns and reduces levels of discomfort, helping you regain hope, and rebalance emotional and behavioural components.

Complementary Medical Hypnotism works alongside the allopathic medical community, not in competition with it. It is not considered an ‘alternative’ medicine. Complementary Medical Hypnotism can help you embrace optimism during treatment, and is intended to make the care you receive from your health care practitioners more complete, effective and comfortable.


Complimentary Medical Hypnotism

Adult Regular Session 1 hour $120.00
Student Regular Session 1 hour $85.00
Child (Under 18) Regular Session 1 hour $70.00
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